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Here, you’ll discover a curated selection of our completed projects, each with its unique story and a transformative journey captured through detailed before, during, and after restoration photographs. While these highlighted projects represent just a fraction of our extensive portfolio, they exemplify the craftsmanship, dedication, and attention to detail that define every Classic Restoration endeavor. Immerse yourself in the stories of revival and renewal, and witness the remarkable transformations that our team has expertly guided from conception to completion. Whether you’re a classic car aficionado or new to the world of automotive restoration, prepare to be inspired by the artistry and history brought back to life through our work.

1962 Corvette

This really fine 1962 Corvette is owned by a fine local lady. She is the widow of the guy that had owned the Corvette for decades. It was his dream to restore the Corvette and he had done much research in the planning to do just that. However, his health deteriorated and he never got to complete the restoration. His wife had Classic Restorations do the frame off restoration in his memory. The car is very nice with every nut and bolt on it having been touched. It is a 327ci 4 speed car. Aftermarket air has been added and it is a nice driver. Tom would have been proud.

1967 Ford Bronco

This 1967 Ford Bronco has had a hard life. It was, for years, a circle track mud racer up in the Mississippi South Delta. It has been turned over on its top numerous times in racing ‘incidents’ and it is a miracle that it still is here. But here it is and its mud racing days are over. Classic Restorations has done a ton of work on this vehicle and is super special.

1966 Shelby Mustang GT350H

This is one of the famous Hertz “Rent A Racers” that the car rental firm Hertz purchased from Shelby American Corporation. The company took high-performance Ford Mustangs and modified them into even higher-performance sports cars. Hertz bought 1001 of these vehicles back in 1966. They did not intend for them to be “racers” but many folks that rented one for a weekend used them for just that purpose. All Shelby American vehicles which include the super expensive AC Cobras are highly collectible. This particular car had been for decades in the little Mississippi town of Quitman. Many people knew it was in a garage there. It had been used as a drag racer for many years. But it was all original with the original engine, transmission, and rear end. The body was in good shape but it needed a complete restoration. Classic Restorations contracted with the new owner, a local franchise automobile dealer to restore the car. It was stripped 100% and built back up in a very exacting manner. The end result speaks for itself. This car recently sold for $226,000, a testament to the quality of its restoration.

1964 Pontiac Catalina

This really nice 1964 Pontiac Catalina 4 door hardtop is owned by the original owner’s family who live near New Orleans, La. The father of the current owner bought the car new in 1964. It has been garaged most of it’s life and that resulted in mostly rust free body panels. When Classic Restorations picked the car up it had not been cranked or driven for decades. A frame up restoration began where the car was dissembled but where the body was left on the frame. The body was stripped of the original paint before new base coat clear coat paint was applied. the color is a unique Pontiac color not often seen. The interior was nice enough to reuse including the original door panels. The suspension, engine, transmission, brake system. fuel system all were rebuilt and a Vintage Air HVAC system was installed. The end result is as shown in these photos. The Catalina is ready for the next 57 years.

1968 Ford Pick Up

Ford Motor Company built 304431 1/2 ton pick ups in 1968. This one was bought new by the current owner’s father. It was a service truck for years in the oil jobber dealership that they operated in the Mississippi Delta. The truck eventually was sold to another party. But Bill, the son of the original owner always knew where the truck had ended up and was located. Many years later he had a chance to buy it back and he did just that. It languished for some more years, but under cover. In 2016 Classic Restorations was contracted with the intent of doing a frame off restoration. That was indeed accomplished and the truck is fine, fine. The original 390ci engine was rebuilt. Electronic fuel injection was added as well as a GM automatic overdrive transmission, power steering, power disc brakes. A new lowered suspension was added and the truck now drives like a new Cadillac.

1961 Desoto

The Desoto brand existed from 1928 until 1961. In that time frame over 2 million Desotos were built. Chrysler Corporation had purchased Desoto and in 1961 it was decided to end the brand. The Desotos looked very much like their fellow Chryslers in the last few years. In 1961 only 3034 cars were built. Of these 2134 were 4 door hardtops and only 911 were two door hardtops. This car is one of those few 2 door models. It was purchased new by the grandfather of the current owner from Robinson Brothers dealership on Amite Street in Jackson, Ms. The vehicle had a full restoration done on it in 2010 by Classic Restorations. This was one of the first vehicles that the shop worked on. Much work was required in order to bring it back to this condition.

1958 Volkswagon Karman Ghia

In 1955 Volkswagen corporation brought out for sale the Karmann Ghia 2 door, 2 seat sports car: the Karmann Ghia. Between 1955 and 1974 over 445,000 Ghias would be produced. This is a 1958 model. It is known as one of the “low light” KG’s in that from 1955 to 1960 the headlights were placed lower than subsequent models. This particular car was bought new by the Grandfather of the current owner and given as a graduation present to that owner’s Mother. Although the car fell into non use and was stored outside the current owner began a full restoration on it more than 10 years ago. Classic Restoration was tasked with repairing the body (rust issues) and then painting the car. That work was done to a high standard and this car has gone on to win many, many awards and be featured on the cover of the Antique Automobile of America magazine.

1938 Plymouth Pick up

This 1938 Plymouth pickup is just one of 4620 Plymouth pickups built in 1938. Plymouth pretty much copied their sister manufacturer Dodge’s design and these are very similar to the Dodge line. These pickups had a 6 cylinder engine producing 70 horsepower. This pick up has been owned by the same family since 1942. It was a shop truck in a little mechanic shop in a small town in Illinois. A daughter that moved to Mississippi inherited the truck and brought it here. She is married to a good retired FBI guy and they contracted with Classic Restorations to restore the pick up. The process took a year and a half. The end result was worth the time expended as the little blue and black pick up is outstanding.

1964 Corvette

1964 saw the second of the five year run of the “Mid Year Corvettes” as the second generation 1963-1967 Corvettes were known. One of the first American production cars to have independent rear suspension, these car are highly desired now. In 1964 22,229 vehilces were built of which 13,925 were convertibles and the rest fix roof coupes. This particular Corvette was in sad shape after years of neglect. Classic Restorations painted the car and the restoration is outstanding.

1960 Chevrolet Pick Up

In 1960 Chevrolet Motor Division of General Motors Corp produced more than 407000 pick up trucks. This 1/2 ton pick up is owed by a guy that has owned it for over 30 years. He wanted restored back to ‘bone stock’ originality. That is just what Classic Restorations is doing. The cab and bed were lifted from the frame and then media or sandblasted. There were some rust issues that presented themselves that had to be addressed. The engine had been previously rebuilt and needed very little attention. The 3 speed manual transmission was rebuilt. The owner’ son used to stand on the seat of this neat pick up. He will soon be driving it himself, 30 years later.

1967 Chevrolet Camaro

This 1967 Camaro was bought new when the owner graduated from High School in 1967. He has kept the car all these 54 years mostly out of te weather. Classic Restorations is doing a complete restoration of the car including an engine/transmission rebuild, suspension/subframe rebuild, air conditioning installation and paint. The owner used to ‘bang some gears up in Sunflower County, Mississippi. He has moved to Lafayette County but he soon will be banging some gears there too.

Various Vehicles

Over the past 10 years or so Classic Restorations has worked on many vehicles. Some small jobs and some big jobs. In every case we have made an effort to treat the owners as we would want to be treated ourselves. Here are some photos of a sample of the vehicles that have come through our doors.

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